Sonshine has provided such a wonderful, caring, and safe environment for each of our three kiddos over the past six years! We're so thankful for the loving teachers who do a great job of watching our kiddos when we cannot be with them! - Jessie K

Your teachers do such a great job and we have been super thankful of the skills our kids have learned and are continuing learning to get them ready for their next chapter of life in elementary school! -Rachel B

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Sonshine Learning Center- New Richmond, I just want to let you know how grateful we are to you. We are so thrilled that we have found a school where we feel that our children are so well cared for and loved. Starting this new adventure at Sonshine had us concerned that our son’s individual needs would be overlooked and we’ve had nothing but assurance day after day that his needs are being met. Prior to being at Sonshine, our son had struggle after struggle emotionally, behaviorally, and socially. We felt stressed, helpless, and alone. The teachers helped create and follow programming to meet the needs of our son. With their successful assistance, 8 months later, we are seeing a completely different little boy. Their hard work and dedication in helping our son has melted our hearts and we will be forever grateful. This is an environment of acceptance and love. We are so grateful to everyone at Sonshine. Thank you for caring and loving our children while we are at work. -Jessie D. & Anthony S.

We are so happy with the care and education our daughter received. Her teachers Ms. Kayla, Ms. Dawn, and Ms. Cat are beyond amazing!! We are so lucky to be part of the Sonshine family! -Erin H

The best program/ most welcoming daycare I've sent my child to! She learns so much everyday and always comes home with a smile!! Thank you so much to all the staff for making it a great place!!- Samantha H

You are awesome! Thank you for doing this for all the families - even if our kids are not there temporarily. We are grateful to be a part of your community. - Leslie S.

A huge thank you to the staff and families of Sonshine Learing Ctr for the amazing carnival that we attended on Jan 23. We drove for an hour to get there and were not disappointed. A special thank you to Allison for planning this grand scale event. It was impressive to see so many people work together so well to achieve a common goal. It was heartwarming to see so many young families smiling, and enjoying time together. We are already looking forward to attending next year! - MIchael D

It's so impressive to see how far my daughter has come with her letters and numbers since working with you. It is really noticeable at home. Thanks for ALL you are doing! Even grandparents are noticing! - Elizabeth P.

I just wanted to make sure you know how much your hard work is appreciated! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the SonShine staff and Faith Community for the planning and work put into being able to split Sonshine so daycare can remain open. We are so grateful! - Tricia and Matt M.

Met for my child's IEP today-s/he doesn't need services but thought you should know the individual who came to assess her/him there said Miss Ellie was phenomenal teacher who's super caring and patient with all those kids. She also said she has a special way of handling all those kids and provoking language-It was impressive especially since there are so many boys! In general, I would say the school district is super impressed with Sonshine and the amazing staff you have :) I also did the "mom thing," and teared up in the meeting because the observation of her/him at school was "s/he woke up from nap crying and said s/he missed me." The assessor said Ellie went over and loved on her/him and did a great job of talking her/him through who was coming to get her/him and what activities were going to be done before dad came and then s/he was good to go. My heart is full knowing how much s/he loves Miss Ellie and several teachers there. I could not ask for more. Thank you for all you do to keep these teachers passionate! -Jami M.