Enrollment Process and Forms

The Enrollment Contract and one week’s tuition are required to hold a child's “spot” at S.L.C, following a tour and interview. The deposit of one week’s tuition will then be applied to your child’s first week of attendance. Families may then be given (or given access through SmartCare) the enrollment packet of forms which are due at the following times:

The following items must be completed and returned to the center by the first day of attendance.

· Form DCF-62, "Child Care Enrollment"

· Form DCF-44, "Heath History and Emergency Care Plan

· Form DCF-104, “Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement" (if applicable)

· Form DCF-56, "Child Care Center Transportation Permission" (if applicable)

· Form DCF-61, "Child Care Intake for Child Under 2 Years" (if applicable)

The Director will inform parents when updates are needed, giving 30 days’ advance notice to submit updated forms.

Due, completed, within 30 days after child starts attending:

· Form DPH-4192, "Day Care Immunization Record" or an electronic record of your child's immunizations

Due, signed by medical professional, within 90 days after child begins attending:

· Form DCF-60, "Child Health Report

On the first day of attendance families of children ages 1 and up are responsible for providing extra clothes for their child, and a sleeping bag in a king size pillow case for rest time. S.L.C. will provide meals and snacks during child care hours according to the schedule and menu. Families with children in diapers should provide extra clothes to be kept in at Sonshine, diapers, wipes, bottles, and necessary ointments or crèmes (along with the appropriate Medication Forms). If the family of a child under age one chooses to decline S.L.C.’s formula, cereal, or baby food that is provided, families must also then provide appropriate formula or breastmilk, baby food, and/or cereal for the child. S.L.C. will also provide baby food, bibs, and rice cereal for children.

*An activity fee may be collected for additional experiences/field trip, school year, and summer fun programs.

*We have NOT included the Medication Authorization Form on this site, as it often needs explanation. Please ask your child's teacher for a form.