Information for Current and Prospective Parents

Are you just checking things out? Not sure what Sonshine Learning Center is all about? The website is a great place to start! If you have more questions, please call us at 715-246-3764 or email us at or

Safety and Security: Parents receive a passcode to enter the building through the locked interior door. If another person needs to pick up a child, please do NOT give out the passcode. We have a doorbell for visitors' and guests' use. Parents and others may be required to show photo identification to pick up their child. We also have an app-based system, SmartCare, that allows billing, information, sign in/out security pin or QR codes, and more to be accessed from the ease of an app!

Policies: Current parents will have access to our policies online through our secure Shutterfly site. A copy of our sleep policy is attached below. COVID protocol policies are also available on the Shutterfy site, or by request.

Cleaning: We use Ecolab cleaning products, with a 30 second kill time for many viruses, including COVID-19. We also have a quarterly fogging applied, to bind germs together and away from our students, staff, and families. Our professional cleaning team works tirelessly each evening to clean and disinfect, in addition to the daily classroom disinfecting, and high-contact area cleaning throughout the day.

Food: Our cooks provide homemade meals, with new or different meals often; many of our meals are recipes or ideas from families or staff that represent their culture or family life! We make many of our own baked items, using gluten sensitive whole wheat flour, in addition to fresh or fresh-to-frozen produce. We make many of our meals from scratch, and work to increase our students' pallets through the addition of different foods- black beans, chia seeds, and so forth.

Communication: We use many different tools to communicate with families, become the home-school connection is very important to us.