Educational Foundations

What makes us different?
Sonshine Learning Center offers Christian care and education for children and families in our community through a continuous care model; this model provides a consistent team of caregivers from infancy through when the child begins to attend school. This is a cutting edge program that few other child cares in the state of Wisconsin are offering. We are also using the CSEFEL Pyramid Model in our classroms as a Center-Wide Implementation Site, which provides intensive social emotional support and development as well as support from the state level as one of the only programs on this side of Wisconsin. We also implement daily brain development activities throughout our curriculum and days, based on the S.M.A.R.T (Stimulating Maturity Through Accelerated Readiness Training) program, occupational therapy strategies, and intensive study and research about increasing and supporting early brain development. Our staff will also be thoroughly trained in the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, as well as educated in the Creative Curriculum Educational Model.

We also believe in serving our community-  through serving and leading at the Food Shelf, an annual free Art Fair event to benefit charity, maintaining our own Little Free Library, actively leading the Literacy Group through the NR Area Community Foundation, and raising money and food for the local food shelf and homeless shelter. We have a partner school in Guatemala that we are able to support, Skype, and write as pen pals.